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Pimps and Hoes

Join us and bling it up, batty stylee

In Tha Hood!
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We are a small community of Ventongimps from deepest Buckinghamshire and we want YOU to join our shite little community (that is, if we deem you weird enough to join) so that we look cool! That is all.

You can stick this icon on your site if you deem it so.

*Obligatory gay "Wanna join this community? You must prove your worth by inserting a broom up your rectum and singing the Liberian National Anthem" part of the community profile*:

Fill in this quiz in a comment and maybe I'll add you :p

1. You have been selected to appear in "The World's Largest Pets" as the owner of an Alsatian with gigantism. Do you:
a) Say yes and reluctantly drag your Alsatian with you all the way from Basildon
b) Say "No way, faghag!" and kick the producer in the nuts.

2. What is your bum size?

3. What is your second cousin's middle name?

If we approve your application YOU could be a proud member of pimps_and_hoes and become an honorary VentonGimp!